matthew gilbert tv critic boston globeI’ve been reviewing TV for the Boston Globe since 1998, so I’ve seen some things. Fortunately, “The Sopranos” premiered a year later, and now we are overwhelmed with great series. Among the shrines I have worshiped at: “Freaks and Geeks,” “Six Feet Under,” “The Comeback,” “The Wire,” “Breaking Bad,” “The Shield,” “Friday Night Lights,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” “Nurse Jackie,” “The Daily Show,” “The Colbert Report,” and “Mad Men.” I guess I should stop now.

I believe that everything in the world comes down to either “The Twilight Zone” or “Seinfeld.”

I review some 150 shows a year and write a weekly column on TV for the Sunday Arts section. I love turning Globe readers onto the good stuff, steering them away from the bad stuff, and inviting them to watching well-written series with their brains turned on. I also enjoy making connections between TV and culture, since TV reflects so much about who we are right now. I don’t generally like reality TV, for instance, but it sure has been an important and resonant development in collective thought.

I think it’s usually harder to write a persuasive positive review than a persuasive negative review. When you like something, you are putting your judgment on the line and asking someone to spend their time based on your opinion. You need to be convincing. Putting something down takes less effort.

There was a time when I resisted big screen TVs (“Don’t Supersize Me,”  7/23/06). And HDTVs, too (“Sharper, Brighter, Crisper, but is HDTV Better?” 6/8/08).

I was a fool.

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